Megan Davies, 

Head of youth engagement

Tanica had a really profound impact on our young people in her ‘Therapeutic Spoken Word’ session at Drive Forward Foundation. As an organisation that exists to support young people who have recently left the care system, this session really hit the right note and allowed the group to creatively explore the topic of self-care.

Tanica’s session was well-structured and well-planned. She added plenty of nice touches such as flavoured water for the group and jars that participants could fill with positive affirmations to take home with them.

The session was a fantastic combination of creative work, discussion and samples of Tanica’s spoken word pieces. All aspects of the workshop combined to produce a very original and uplifting session.


Tanica built up rapport with the young people with ease – to the point that they didn’t want to leave at the end of the session!

Overall, Tanica was professional and created a session that left our young people buzzing with ideas. We would recommend her sessions to other organisations looking to do this kind of workshop.

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 Xanthy Kallis,


 CPsychol. AFBPsS, 

Senior Lecturer University of Westminster

Career Coaching Psychologist


In meeting Tanica at a youth event recently, I knew she would be an inspiration speaker for my students, so I invited her to share her career journey with them.


Tanica’s unique approach, energy and the quality of her presentations was encouraging for my students, who commented on how refreshing it was to hear an honest account from someone they could relate to. It was important for them to hear a young person’s perspective of the realities of the workplace and they appreciated her honesty in telling her story and lessons she learned on the way both the highs and lows. The students were inspired by her presentation which encouraged them to take a wider look at life and its opportunities, to take courage and step out of their comfort zones.


Tanica’s unique approach has had a positive impact on these young people and I would not hesitate to recommend her.



Ferring Country Centre

Customer Development and Farm Manager

Support staff and Customers really enjoyed the concept of Tanica's sessions. Her creativity of making objects such as the glitter jars was a nice sensory task for our customers to take part in after her story as they have learning disabilities from mild to severe. 

The meaning of Tanica's story was fantastic and inspirational. Customers and staff enjoyed the messages she gave out and thought this was really powerful for our setting. 

Our customers can only understand a few key words at a time with clear image/pictures supporting the words, our customers had no struggles in following her poetry/spoken word and were engaged at all times.

The art work she displays for visual learners is captivating; the customers always enjoyed touching it and looking at all the designs, colours and different shapes. This adds a nice effect and experience to support the story and its message. Her usage of colours, different designs and word play when storytelling engaged with our customers really well. 

It was a pleasure having Tanica share her work and to have worked closely with us. 


 Supporting all  people in to a world of  healthy well being

Tanica engaged brilliantly with the participants. She drew them in with her effective and rhythmic delivery and profound words. Her content was well structured and punchy.

Our participants enjoyed Tanica's performance. Feedback was that she spoke to them with her inspiring words, moved them and gave inspiration through her creativity.


I would recommend Tanica for future events/workshop sessions. She interacted well with our service users. Her contribution helped to make our event entertaining. She added creative flair to the day.


Project Manager,



   Poetical  |  Therapeutic writer 

Appreciating every line every crease every dimple every spot and every Mark . Why be disillusioned by them when they define your one and only countenance and Tale


Self healing   |   self-care   |  building self-confidence  |   defence mechanisms I challenging  mental misconceptions


Wandsworth council's looked after team/ care leavers 

Hestia charity 

Drive Forward 

HE Access 

ICSI CHildren's conference speaker

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Creative writing, storytelling & spoken word. I’m a great place for you to tell a story as I formulate poetry performance within a facilitated discussion, whilst leading a therapeutic session which entails group discussion, tasks and written, poetical exercises for emotional stability and mental health progression.